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Training & development
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Internal training
Through schemed and systematic training,we are committed to improving employees professional qualification, skills and work performance, and establishing core values conception, so to encourage their utmost potential capability exertion and boost the  perfect combination of personal career planning and company strategic development.
New employees practice period training
Structured on-the-job training
Half-time Language reinforcement training 
Managements capability improvement training 

Internal senior managers schoolteaching.



Overseas Training
Aiming at “ widen the eyeshot through visually worldly level, initiate motivation and grow fast”, we have been strengthen the training for international talents to form pyramid talents echelon. 
We are keeping sending employees to be trained in Japan, USA, Korea, Germany, Italy and other countries and areas. Such training provide good organization foundation and talent guarantee for the sustainable development of Chongqing Hi-lex group.



Global Technology &HPS Exchange Conference

Depending on the base of Hi-lex globalization strategy, we have extensive communication and cooperation in technology exchange and HPS lead production improvement activities with 40 production sites of Hi-lex group. The purpose is to share the world advanced high-performance automotive research and development, reinforce the production technology and efficiency innovation, train talents and wholly improve company core competitiveness



Employee promotion channel
We have established two channels of management and professional promotion, which broadens employees promotion space. As long as you agree with the values of Chongqing Hi-lex, you can locate your career development  target.
Double hundreds talent pool
Management promotion channel
Value view assessment/competency model/leadership assessment
Evaluation and engagement  integration for technology/marketing/production/supporting jobs  professional level judgement