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President:Makoto Teraura
Capital:5,657 million yen (as of October 2017)
Sales:$2,254 million
Biggest vehicle cable publiced manufacturer
No. 2 biggest window regulator manufacturer
Sales Offices:Tokyo, Nagoya, Hamamatsu, Hiroshima, Utsunomiya
Plants Japan, U.S.A., South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, U.K., Mexico, China, Vietnam, India, Hungary, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sebria, Czech, Brazil
R&D Centre:Takarazuka, Japan;  Utsunomiya,Japan;Detroit, USA, Chongqing, China; Welsh, UK, Inchon, Korea, Schweinfurt, Germany     


Chongqing Lilong Science and Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Total assets: 1 billion RMB
Plant area: 195,000 ㎡
Employees: >5,000
Production base: Chongqing, Guangzhou, Changchun, hangzhou and Shanghai
Products:Vehicle control cables, wndow regulator, door module, Power lift Gate system, auto meter, smart instrument, ventricular assist device and so on





In May 1947, Kogyo Textile Co., Ltd., our forerunner, was founded by capital participation of leading companies in rubber and textile industries in order to secure and supply the materials required by those industries (Later changed company name to Kosen Universal Corporation). In December 1953, Kogyo Textile Co., Ltd. established Toko Bussan Co., Ltd. as a trading company specializing in China-Japan trade, after which the two companies have expanded their business in their respective fields. In October 1993, two companies were merged and newly established as Tokokosen Corporation. Utilizing the advantages of industrial materials business such as supplying rubber and textile for automobile-related industry and the expertise of trade business with China, we have been developing apparel business and real estate business. Also, we have expanded our business to the manufacturing industry and entered overseas markets in China, Thailand, Indonesia and so on. Based on more than 70 years of solid track records, we will continue to respond to our customer’s needs as ever.